Quick Answer: How far is Jakarta airport to city?

How do I get from Jakarta airport to city Centre?

Best options to get to city centre are transfers or taxis or train.

  1. Bus. You can get from Jakarta Airport to downtown by DAMRI Airport bus route to Gambir Station. …
  2. Taxi. Get to downtown Jakarta within 50 minutes by taxi. …
  3. Train. The trip by rail to Jakarta city centre takes about 45 minutes. …
  4. Car rental.

How much are taxis in Jakarta?

How much is the taxi fare in Jakarta? The basic fee is IDR7,000.00, the kilometer price is IDR4,000.00. For standing and waiting time, IDR42,000.00 is charged per hour.

How do I get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 at Jakarta airport?

To move between Terminal 3, 2 and 1, please use the Airport Skytrain or Airport Bus. The Airport Skytrain and Bus operate every 15 minutes and are free of charge. Garuda Indonesia domestic flights operate from Terminal 3.

What does Cgk stand for?


Acronym Definition
CGK Jakarta, Indonesia – Soekarno Hatta International (Airport Code; aka Cenkareng)
CGK Congreso General Kuna (Spanish: Kuna General Congress; Kuna Yala, Panama)
CGK Computer Gesellschaft Konstanz, mbH (German business; recognition and imaging software)

Can I wear shorts in Jakarta?

While you can wear shorts in Jakarta, you should also prepare yourself for a barrage of stares. … I was wearing shorts (knee length), a loose vest top and sneakers.

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How many airports Does Indonesia have?

Indonesia has at least 673 airports, and 34 of them are commercial airports, which are managed by state-run airport operators PT Angkasa Pura I (AP I) and PT Angkasa Pura II (AP II).

How busy is Jakarta airport?

The airport served 66.9 million passengers in 2018, ranked as 18th busiest airport in the world by Airports Council International, and the busiest in Southeast Asia.