Your question: What made the Philippine Trench?

Who discovered the Philippine Trench?

Originally discovered by the German ship Emden in 1927, it was first explored in detail by the Danish ship Galathea in 1951 on the Galathea 2 expedition, from which the name is taken.

How was the Mindanao trench formed?

Also known as Mindanao Trench, this submarine trench is located in the Philippine Sea, spreads in a length of 1,320km and 30km width in the east of Philippines. Prominent among other trenches in the Philippine Sea, this trench was formed due to a collision between the Eurasian plate and the smaller Philippine plate.

Is Manila Trench active?

The Manila Trench subduction zone is an active convergent plate margin between the South China Sea and the northern Philippines. The Manila Trench is associated with an east-dipping Benioff zone beneath Luzon, a well-developed forearc basin system and a volcanic arc.

What animals live in the Philippine Trench?

Al together we found eight species of ani mals in the Philippine Trench: sea anem ones, sea cucumbers, bivalve mollusks, amphipod crustaceans and bristle worms.

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