Who are the most prominent people in sepak takraw in the Philippines?

Is Sepak Takraw popular in the Philippines?

Sepak Takraw is becoming one of the most popular sports included in the Southeast Asian Games. The Palawan province is known for the best Sepak Takraw players in the Philippines. … However, the sport has been dominated by Malaysia and Thailand in the Southeast Asian Games since its début in 1965.

What are the positions in Sepak Takraw?

Sepak takraw team called ‘Regu’ which consist of three positions i.e., tekong, feeder and spiker. Each position has their particular role during the game. However, the player may change the position at anytime if necessary or order from the coach.

What is the age limit in sepak takraw?

Thirty nine male, sepak takraw players on state and national teams, were divided into three age categories of under 15 (U15; n = 12), under 18 (U18; n = 15), and under 23 years (U23; n = 12) of age. All subjects provided informed consent and the university’s ethics committee approved the study.

How much do sepak takraw players get paid?

“But from takraw, I can earn around 4,000 or 5,000 [$130 to $160] baht per week. The most money I can earn from takraw is 20,000 to 30,000 baht [$630 to $950].” We traveled to Thailand to watch sepak takraw in action on the streets of Bangkok, where many players begin their training.

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What is the prize for the winner of Sepak Takraw?

In all, the sepak takraw athletes, coaches and association will receive a total of 108 million baht. Sepak takraw star Pornchai Kaokaew and some of his teammates each will get four million baht for winning two gold medals.

What is the winning point for a set in an official sepak takraw tournament?

Winning the Game

Each set is is won by the team that is first to reach 21 points. If a set is tied 21-21, then a tie breaker shall be played in which the first team to open up a two point lead or reaches 25 points is declared the winner.