Which mobile operator is best in Myanmar?

Which operator is best in Myanmar?

Mytel easily won our 4G Availability award with an outstanding score of 92.9%, but Ooredoo’s score of 82.3% was also impressive. Meanwhile Telenor and MPT are closing in the 80% mark in our measurements.

Which network operator is the best?

Airtel once again leads in our measure of the quality of experience for over-the-top (OTT) voice services — on mobile apps such as WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messenger. The operator won our Voice App Experience award with a score of 77.8 points, while Vi was close behind with 76.8 points.

Which SIM card is best in Myanmar?

Best Myanmar SIM Cards:

  • Telenor.
  • Ooredoo.
  • MPT.

What is Myanmar phone code?

Airtel’s plan might be more expensive, but it’s just as good

Since Airtel gives you 5GB of data more than Jio and Vodafone, and if you need at least 1GB of data per day, the Airtel plan is better for you.

Which is faster Jio or Airtel?

As per Trai data Vi had an average download speed of 6.2 Mbps in May while Reliance Jio had 4.8 Mbps and Bharti Airtel was last at 3.9 Mbps. … The regulator calculates the average internet speed based on data collected using MySpeed application.

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How many Ooredoo users are there in Myanmar?

Ooredoo Myanmar

As 4G adoption continues to grow, Ooredoo Myanmar’s 4G LTE Turbo, which uses the 900 MHz band and reaches the vast majority of Myanmar’s population, supported a 43% increase in the company’s customer base to 15.6 million in Q1 2020, representing a record in customer additions for the quarter.

How many Mytel users are there in Myanmar?

Three of the four national operators in Myanmar have achieved 4G Availability nearing 90% and our Mytel 4G users spent an astonishing 96.1% of their time on 4G connections.

Opensignal Awards Table.

Mobile Experience Awards Winners April 2020, Myanmar
4G Coverage Experience M Mytel