What is there to eat at Phu Quoc night market?

Is Phu Quoc too touristy?

Yes, Phu Quoc is ultra-touristy and the development is both overwhelming and disturbing. But it’s also stunningly beautiful, completely unique, and there are parts of it that still ooze authenticity and natural beauty.

Is Phu Quoc safe?

The crime rate is very low in Phu Quoc, a generally safe island for tourists and locals alike. Still, crimes of opportunity typically increase with tourism, so tourists should never leave valuables unattended. The local currency is the Vietnamese Dong and the exchange rate is typically around 22,000 VND to $1 USD.

Why would I travel to Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc National Park is famous for its picturesque landscape and the extremely pristine beaches without people. Pepper in Phu Quoc island is famous for its spice and fragrance which are much stronger than pepper in other places.

How do you get around Phu Quoc Island?

Unfortunately, public transportation in Phu Quoc is practically nonexistent. Most locals travel around by either cars or motorbikes. The best way to get around the island is to rent a bicycle or motorbike. Do note that even though the island is small, the distance between each destination is relatively far.

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