What is the most popular app in Indonesia?

What apps do Indonesia use?

Three apps – all messaging apps – used by Indonesians are BBM, WhatsApp and the Korean/Japanese Service Line.

Which app is the most used app in the world?

List of most popular smartphone apps

Rank Name Owner
1 Facebook Facebook, Inc.
2 Facebook Messenger Facebook, Inc.
3 WhatsApp Facebook, Inc.
4 Instagram Facebook, Inc.

Which Messenger app is best?

The best messenger apps and chat apps for Android

  • Band.
  • Discord.
  • Facebook Messenger (and Messenger Lite)
  • Signal Private Messenger.
  • Slack.

What is the most used messaging app in USA?

As of September 2019, Facebook Messenger was the most popular mobile messenger app in the United States with 106.4 million unique U.S. users.

Characteristic Number of monthly unique users in millions
Facebook Messenger 106.4
Snapchat 45.98
WhatsApp 25.58
Messenger by Google 17.46

Does Indonesia use messenger?

Several apps side-by-side

Blackberry’s messaging system was pre-installed on those phones, leaving users no choice but to get used to it. Now, Indonesians are habitual to Blackberry Messenger and use it on their Samsung devices, because this is where everyone else is.

Which social media is popular in Indonesia?

As of July 2021, Facebook had the largest market share among other social media platforms in Indonesia, at 70 percent. However, Facebook’s popularity may soon be outpaced by other social media platforms due to growing competition.

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How many Indonesians use WhatsApp?

There are approximately 39 million users of WhatsApp in Indonesia, making it the country’s fourth most popular messaging app. It is also a mainstay for communicating within bureaucratic and political circles in Indonesia. A screenshot of the GIF keyboard found within WhatsApp.

What is the number 1 app in the world 2020?

TikTok was the world’s most downloaded app in 2020 as it took the top spot from Facebook Messenger, according to digital analytics company App Annie. The Chinese video-sharing platform is the only app not owned by Facebook to make the global top five of downloads.

Which app is trending now?

Best Health and Fitness Apps 2021

  • MyFitnessPal: Freemium | App Store – 4.7 | Playstore – 4.4. …
  • HeadSpace: Freemium | App Store – 4.9 | Playstore – 4.7. …
  • Fitplan: Freemium | App Store – 4.8 | Playstore – 4.4. …
  • Tiktok: Freemium | App Store – 4.7 | Playstore – 4.4. …
  • LinkedIn: …
  • Instagram: …
  • Telegram: …
  • Houseparty: