What is the major source of livelihood for many Filipinos?

What was the main source of food and livelihood?

Agriculture, livestock, and horticulture are the main sources of livelihood (Figure 1), with livestock becoming more important than arable farming at higher elevations.

What is the oldest livelihood activities in the Philippines?

Farming/,hunting/ ,fishing is one of the oldest livelihood activities in the country.

What are the four sources of livelihood?

Agriculture, livestock, forestry, honey, and handicrafts are natural resource-based livelihoods sources, while the rest form non-natural resource-based livelihoods sources.

What is the main source of livelihood in villages?

1. In the rural areas, predominant source of livelihood is agriculture. 2. The village people depend on cultivation of their own land.

What is example of livelihood?

The definition of livelihood is the way you make your living and pay for the basic things you need in life. An example of livelihood is your job or profession. A person’s means of supporting himself.

What is the main source of livelihood of the early Filipino?

Farming and gathering of timber and non-timber forest products (NTFPs) are the main sources of income for the indigenous community.

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Is one source of livelihood for many Filipino families?

Agriculture, which is made up of four sub-sectors (crops, livestock, poultry and fisheries), is the main source of livelihood for 25-30 percent of the labour force. … Farming and fishing households, however, face high levels of food insecurity as a result of natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes and floods.

What is the meaning of source of livelihood?

Your livelihood is the job or other source of income that gives you the money to buy the things you need. … fishermen who depend on the seas for their livelihood. As a result of this conflict he lost both his home and his means of livelihood. Synonyms: occupation, work, employment, means More Synonyms of livelihood.

Which is the principal source of livelihood in our country?

The chief source of livelihood of the Indian villages is agriculture. India still being an agricultural country in spite of the development of other technologies, farming is still the main source of earning as the majority f the population stays in the villages.

What are the livelihood activities?

Livelihood is defined as a set of activities essential to everyday life that are conducted over one’s life span. Such activities could include securing water, food, fodder, medicine, shelter, clothing.

What are the different kinds of livelihood?

Generally, household livelihood strategies can be divided into 3 types: agriculture intensification, livelihood diversification, and migration [33,34].