What is Thailand’s ecosystem?

Is Thailand a biodiversity hotspot?

Thailand is part of what is called the Indo-Burma ‘biodiversity hotspot‘ and is home to 15,000 plant species and approximately 2,300 vertebrate animals. But environmental pressure is taking a toll on this rich biodiversity; in Indo-Burma, almost 800 species are threatened with extinction.

What plant or animal is native in Thailand?

The clouded leopard is native to Thailand and several countries in Southeast Asia. It spends a large part of its life in trees and dense forest. The leopard is an elegant and agile animal that is a must-see for wildlife enthusiasts visiting Thailand.

Is it illegal to own a monkey in Thailand?

A provision in Thai law permitted individuals to possess as many as two primates or other wild animais of the same species – « a potential pair to promote breeding » – even though their capture and sale was prohibited.

What is the current rate of extinction?

Extinction Rates

Regardless, scientists agree that today’s extinction rate is hundreds, or even thousands, of times higher than the natural baseline rate. Judging from the fossil record, the baseline extinction rate is about one species per every one million species per year.

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