What does BX mean in Vietnamese?


What is BX?

Bx: Abbreviation for biopsy, the removal of a sample of tissue for examination or other study. Biopsies are most frequently studied by use of a microscope to check for possible abnormalities such as inflammation or cancer.

What does CK mean in Vietnamese?

ck means chồng (husband)

What is PP in Vietnamese?

Translation of pp.

very quietly – written on a piece of music to show how it should be played. rất khẽ (Translation of pp. from the PASSWORD English-Vietnamese Dictionary © 2015 K Dictionaries Ltd)

What does AK mean in Vietnamese?

chenchenduong. 10 Nov 2017. @eueu89 “ak” is a teencode, teenagers usually use that word to express realise something or it’s mean “Finally, I understood it”. The same meaning.

What does BX stand for in ABA?

One of the dimensions of ABA by Baer Wolf and Risley- bx change procedures described specifically and completely enough that a trained reader could replicate them.

What does BX mean military?

Exact terminology varies by armed service; some examples include base exchange (BX), and post exchange (PX), and there are more specific terms for subtypes of exchange.

How do you flirt in Vietnamese?

Making use of Compliments and Flirty words

  1. “You are very beautiful/ handsome” – “Em/ Anh rất xinh gái/ đẹp trai”
  2. “I love your smile” – “Anh/em yêu nụ cười của em/anh”
  3. “I like you” – “Anh/ em thích em/anh”
  4. “Kiss me” – “Hôn anh/em đi”
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What does VG mean in Vietnam?

it is slang word of Vietnamese teenagers. so “vg” has full word is “vâng” and it means “yes”

How do you swear in Vietnam?

Anyway, Vietnamese natives usually say ‘cặc‘ or ‘buồi’ either alone or with other words to swear. The phrases that have the words include but not limited to ‘cái con cặc ấy!

Is Vo a Vietnamese last name?

The 14 most popular surnames in Vietnam account for well over 90 percent of the population: they’re Nguyen, Tran, Le, Pham, Hoang/Huynh, Phan, Vu/Vo, Dang, Bui, Do, Ho, Ngo, Duong and Ly. The Vietnamese surname does not indicate much more than that you are a Vietnamese.

Is Vo a common Vietnamese last name?

Vũ or Võ (武 or rarely 禹) is a common Vietnamese surname. Vũ is primarily used by Vietnamese who live in the north, while Võ mostly is used by Vietnamese who live in the south (from Quảng Bình Province to the south).

Who is Nguyen?

Nguyễn is the most common Vietnamese surname / family name. Outside of Vietnam, the surname is commonly rendered without diacritics as Nguyen. Nguyên is a different surname.


Language(s) Vietnamese
Other names
Variant form(s) Ruan, Won, Yuen