What causes population growth in Indonesia?


What are the causes of the problem of population growth in Indonesia?

This big number of population resulting from several factors, for example, the food production distribution, improvement in public health and the conquest of disease (Kinder, 1998). The big population growth of Indonesia can be seen from some indicators, for example birth rate, death rate and life expectancy.

Does Indonesia have a population problem?

The uneven distribution of population by regions is 1 of the outstanding features of Indonesia’s demographic situation. The estimates of mortality levels for the period 1961-1971 mostly refer to life expectancies at birth over 40 years.

Why is Jakarta population increasing?

People. The population of Jakarta has increased dramatically since 1940. Much of that increase is attributed to immigration, which has transformed Jakarta into one of the world’s largest urban agglomerations. … In addition, much of the population is young, resulting in a high natural increase potential.

What is the main factor of social problem in Indonesia?

Many serious social problems remain unsolved, including political instability, unrest and armed conflict, human rights violations, corruption, nepotism, collusion, scandal, and poverty. Critical awareness of people and the availability of space for people to express their ideas are promising for the new Indonesia.

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How corrupt is Indonesia?

Transparency International’s 2020 Corruption Perception Index ranks the country 102th place out of 180 countries, dropped from 96 the previous year. There are two key areas in the public sector in which corruption in Indonesia can be found.

Why is Indonesia growing so fast?

Resilient economic growth, low government debt and prudent fiscal management have been cited as reasons for the upgrades and are key in attracting financial inflows into Indonesia: both portfolio flows and foreign direct investment (FDI).

Why is Jakarta sinking?

Like many coastal cities around the world, Jakarta is dealing with sea-level rise. But Indonesia’s biggest city also has a unique problem: Because of restricted water access in the city, the majority of its residents have to extract groundwater to survive. And it’s causing the city to sink.

Is Indonesia a developed country?

The economy of Indonesia is the largest in Southeast Asia and is one of the emerging market economies of the world. As a lower-middle income country and member of the G20, Indonesia is classified as a newly industrialized country.

Economy of Indonesia.

Inflation (CPI) 2.05% (2021 est.)

Is Jakarta a mega city?

Jakarta and its metro area (Jabodetabek), with more than 30 million people, is the second largest megacity in the world in 2020. The suburban areas seem to be where much of the population growth is happening, making up about 84% of the total population growth in the metropolitan area between 2000 and 2010.