What can I use if I don’t have Thai basil?

Is Thai basil same as curry leaves?

Just use the same amount of basil leaves as the recipe species for curry leaves, and add some lime or lemon zest, or even some juice to really make the flavors pop. you can use basil as a replacement for curry leaves in soups, salads, dips, curries, and in dishes from both Asian and Mediterranean cuisine respectively.

Can you use normal basil in Thai food?

No Thai Basil? No problem! Some recipes call for Thai basil, a pungent variety that can be hard to find in grocery stores. To duplicate its flavor, use common “Italian” basil and add a few fresh mint sprigs to the recipe.

Can you buy dried Thai basil?

DELICIOUS All Natural Dried THAI BASIL McCormick Gourmet 0.62 oz REVIEW.

Can I substitute bay leaves for curry leaves?

Bay Leaves

Widely used in Mediterranean and Indian cooking, this ingredient, usually found in every cupboard, can be a good replacement for curry leaves. … When it comes to quantity, bay leaves can be quite strong so use less than one bay leaf for half a cup of curry leaves.

Can I use Thai basil instead of basil?

Yes it will work technically, but the flavors are pretty different and so your pesto will taste very different (I find Thai basil more licorice flavored). If you like the flavor of Thai basil, give it a try!

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Can you use Thai basil on pizza?

Thai basil is even sweeter than a Genovese basil common in the United States. … Then I topped the cooked pizza with a mix of herbs, including Thai basil, cilantro and garlic chives and some sesame seeds. Of course, this is customizeable, so feel free to add cheese or use a different combination of herbs.

What is Thai basil good for?

Research shows that Thai Basil is high in antioxidants, anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, which is why it has been used in traditional healing since centuries ago. Aside from ingesting Thai Basil, you can also bruise the leaves and inhale its aroma to relieve stress.

What is substitute for basil leaves?

Herb Substitutions

Basil Oregano or thyme
Marjoram Basil, thyme, or savory
Mint Basil, marjoram, or rosemary
Oregano Thyme or basil
Parsley Chervil or cilantro

Can I use basil instead of rosemary?

Use equal portions of fresh basil to replace fresh rosemary, as well as equal portions of dried basil to substitute for dried thyme.