What can I put on my Malaysian hair?

What do you put on Malaysian hair?

Deep cure is essential for you to maintain hair’s luster and curls. Use High Quality Oil,Apply a moisturizing conditioner after every shampoo and a deep conditioner every two to four weeks. Besides,use high quality oil on hair weave in normal times.

How do you keep Malaysian hair moisturized?

Styling body wave Malaysian hair weaving,Use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner and/or a nickel size amount of argan oil on damp hair. air drying is recommended. if not possible,use a hair dryer with large tooth comb attachment with a heat protectant.

How do I take care of my straight Malaysian hair?

Give your hair full shampoo and conditioning every 4-5 days. Avoid over washing as this can loosen the extensions’ anchor (bonds) and will also dry out the hair quicker. Invest on a shampoo with good neutral PH, ranging from PH 6-7. Detangle your hair before washing, not during as this promotes shedding.

Is Malaysian curly hair good?

Malaysian wavy hair can be considered heavy or thick when compared with Brazilian hair. It is extremely silky and has a beautiful natural shine. Malaysian hair has a beautiful wave pattern that blends with medium and course textures. … Malaysian wavy hair is great for women of African/Afro-Caribbean descent.

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How do you moisturize Remy hair?

After washing, add a couple drops of pure coconut or almond oil evening through the hair while wet. This will help keep your remy extensions moisturized and shiny.

How do you moisturize virgin hair?

Wash & Condition

I recommend using a light, leave in conditioner such as Carol’s Daughter, Black Vanilla (Moisturizing) Leave-in Conditioner or another brand that doesn’t have a lot of buildup which will leave hair damaging residue behind. Spray the leave in conditioner on your hair and allow it to air dry.

Can you straighten Malaysian hair?

As we know, no matter Brazilian curly hair, Peruvian curly hair or Malaysian hair, they are able to be straightened. However, curly hair is easy to frizzy and need more maintenance. … Try to choose an anti-frizz or smoothing shampoo and conditioner to wash it gently.

Is Malaysian straight hair good?

She’s Happy Hair Malaysian Hair Malaysian hair has an extremely luxurious feel and is sleek and shiny, but not e xcessively shiny. It’s luster is low to medium. It’s also ethically sourced from native Malaysians . … This hair blends extremely well with relaxed African American hair and other similar hair types.

What is Malaysian curly hair?

Malaysian curly is very popular for African American women due to its thickness, shinny texture, natural-looking, beautiful and long-lasting curl pattern. Malaysian hair is naturally healthy and shiny and has a silky texture. Malaysian hair has a softer and silkier texture.

Can you wash Malaysian hair?

Washing Body Wave Malaysian Hair

use a mild wig shampoo and wash gently with lukewarm water. After rinsing, allow the hair to air dry. Do not finger comb the hair until it has completely dried.

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