Question: Why do foreign learners choose to learn English in the Philippines?

Why foreigners choose to study English in the Philippines?

There are a whole lot of reasons why most foreign students study in the Philippines, unlike other countries that restricts there medium of instruction to their local language, Philippines happens to be the direct opposite because both the medium of instruction and the business language is English thereby making

Why is it important to learn English in the Philippines?

It is the language of commerce and law, as well as the primary medium of instruction in education. Proficiency in the language is also one of the country’s strengths that has helped drive the economy and even made the Philippines the top voice outsourcing destination in the world, surpassing India in 2012.

What are the two main reasons for students wanting to learn English?

Let’s look at the top 4 reasons why studying English is so important:

  • English is the Language of International Communication. …
  • English is the Language of Business. …
  • Speaking English gives you Access to a World of Entertainment. …
  • Learning English gives you Access to more of the Internet.

Do people in the Philippines learn English?

There are hundreds of private and public schools in the Philippines that teach English or teach in English. More advanced students can take regular university academic courses in English. … In most Asian countries, students learn English through grammar and translation from the mother language.

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How can learning English help the Filipino nation?

Studying with Filipinos and other foreigners helps people broaden their world understanding and perspective on just about anything. … They get better and deeper understanding and respect for other nations, knowing how another culture verge upon daily life and unfamiliar challenges.

What is the language problem in the Philippines?

The people of the Philippines are experiencing a period of language convergence, marked by high levels of borrowing from large languages such as English, Tagalog, as well as from regionally important languages. In this process, for better or worse, some languages are abandoned altogether and become extinct.

How important is the English language as a Filipino youth?

Learning and speaking the English language is important not only to Filipino people but also to all people around the world. … At a very young age, you will notice that children can speak fluently in English. It is our advantage to other countries that most Filipinos can really speak and understand the English language.