Is Cambodian Hair Best?

How long does Cambodian hair last?

However, considering the best proper care is being done, we have seen our hair last a minimum of 2-3 years and longer.

Which country human hair is best?

5 Types of Weave Which human hair is the best?

  • Virgin Brazilian hair. Thickness, Natural Shine, Luxurious, Durability. Brazilian hair is one of the best textures for African American women. …
  • Virgin Peruvian Hair. Soft, Thicker, Luxurious. …
  • Virgin Malaysian Hair. Airy, Softer, Thicker. …
  • Virgin Indian Hair. Thick, Bouncy, Light.

What’s the thickest hair type?

Type 1B hair is thicker – it is still very straight, but has medium texture so it has more volume. Hair that is type 1C is very thick and coarse, but still straight and shiny so it can be hard to make curls last. Type 2 hair is naturally wavy, with more curl than some types of hair but less than others.

Can you dye Cambodian hair?

CAN I DYE/BLEACH THIS HAIR? Since our beautiful bundles are 100% Raw Cambodian Hair, it has never been dyed, bleached, colored, etc. So, yes you are able to dye and bleach this hair as if it were your own!

What’s the highest grade of hair?

3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A 10A


Those are the human hair grades currently being used within the industry 3A being the lowest quality hair and 10A the highest.

Which brand of human hair is best?

Nadula Will Be The Best Human Hair Weave Brand

As a leading 100 human hair extension company, Nadula Hair Official Store( offers good weave hair and wigs human hair at affordable prices. It is one of the best Remy hair weave brands.

How long does raw Cambodian last?

Features of Cambodian Hair

Also, it doesn’t tangle and that’s less time you have to spend brushing or combing. Additionally, Cambodian hair is slightly coarse in nature which makes it the best hair to hold a curl. Its texture enables it to hold a curl for about 2 weeks whereby other hair types can’t.

Can I dye raw hair?

Reviewers boast about the intense and vibrant color Raw hair dye turns their hair into. Many reported having more success with this hair dye than other hair dye products that claim to have the same effects, such as Manic Panic and Splat.