How much is Absolut vodka in the Philippines?

How much is a 750ml bottle of Absolut vodka?

With its core Absolut Original 40% ABV Vodka and its 31 equally as delicious flavoured bottles, you can bet the masses will always be lining up to see what this vodka-giant does next.

Absolut Vodka price and bottle sizes.

Bottle Size Price (USD)
Absolut Original Vodka 750ml $29

How much does vodka cost in the Philippines?

Top Vodka Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Grey Goose VODKA 750ml ₱ 2,438.00 Lazada
Smirnoff Red Label No.21 Premium Vodka 200ml ₱ 125.00 LazMall by Lazada
Smirnoff Red Label No.21 Premium Vodka 200Ml ₱ 125.00 Shopee
Absolut Blue 1 Liter ₱ 809.00 Shopee

Is my Absolut vodka fake?

Is my Absolut Vodka bottle fake? The Absolut Vodka is laser marked, with a LOT-code (light grey marking), placed horizontally, ca 10 mm from the bottom. … You can also find a black inkjet 5-digit code printed onto the plastic shrink-wrap (over cap and neck of bottle).

Which vodka is better Smirnoff or Absolut?

Smirnoff scores a lower rating (84) compared to Absolut (94), and there’s a noticeable price difference between the two white spirits. … In conclusion, we can say that while Absolut is better overall in quality and taste, Smirnoff is not too far behind.

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How much is Black Label in the Philippines?

Black Label Price PH August 2020

Johnnie Walker Black Label Price
Johnnie Walker Mini Black | Red 50Ml ₱ 130.00
Johnnie Walker Double Black – 700Ml | Blended Scotch Whisky ₱ 1,890.00
Johnnie Walker Black Label 12-Year-Old 3L (With Cradle) | Blended Scotch Whisky ₱ 5,490.00
Johnnie Walker Black Label Available ₱ 950.00

Is there fake vodka?

Fake vodka often smells like nail varnish and often tastes horrible. It can also contain sediment, pure vodka should always be clear. In addition Fake bottles of Vodka often have fake barcodes. If in doubt, there are apps that can check a barcode’s authenticity.

Is Absolut Vodka a girlfriend?

Absolut. Tito’s – “Our vodka is distilled from corn, so it’s naturally gluten-free. We’re certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG). Some folks add a bit of mash back into the spirit after distillation, which could add gluten, but we don’t do that.”