How long is Pupillage in Malaysia?

How long does a pupillage take?

Usually lasting 12 months, the pupillage is split into two six-month periods of on-the-job training, known as ‘sixes’. Equivalent to a solicitor’s training contract, you need to successfully complete the year to be able to practice as a barrister.

What is short call Malaysia?

The ‘short–call’ after three months of chambering which gives a pupil right of limited audience in court during chambering also provides the pupil with an opportunity to develop his courtroom skills under the supervision of his master before being exposed to the challenges of full audience in court.

Can you do pupillage part time?

Pupillage is a full-time training programme. 21. For the duration of pupillage, you are not allowed to hold any other employment, whether on a full-time or part-time basis. … During pupillage you must also attend such percentage of pupillage training related lectures and training sessions as may be determined.

How difficult is it to get pupillage?

Landing a pupillage (the Bar’s version of a training contract) is, as one pupil we spoke to put it, “a strenuous and difficult process – one that’s not to be underestimated.” Indeed, getting your application noticed in the first place is a notoriously tough undertaking, given the high volume of applicants.

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What do you do during pupillage?

Pupillage is a 12-month training period for those aiming to qualify as barristers, usually spent in a barristers’ chambers (aka ‘set’). It is divided into two distinct six-month periods. During the ‘first six’ you will shadow the cases of an experienced barrister; in the ‘second six’ you may take on work of your own.

Are lawyers in demand in Malaysia?

However, the hiring for experienced corporate lawyers are always highly in demand. Many experienced corporate lawyers have either opted to work abroad or go “in-house”. Coupled with the increasing demand of corporate work — this has caused a shortage of corporate legal talent available for law firms.

Is law a good career in Malaysia?

It is a highly regarded qualification and promises various career pathways since law graduates are capable of doing many important roles in various professions. Whilst we have heard a lot of great things about the career, we are not truly well-informed on the experiences of studying law at universities.

What do lawyers do in Malaysia?

Advising and representing clients in courts and in private legal matters. Communicating with clients, colleagues, judges and others involved in the case. Conducting research. Interpreting laws, rulings, and regulations.

What is Pupillage Malaysia?

Pupillage. A Practical Guide to Pupillage and Admission as an Advocate & Solicitor in Malaysia. OBJECT : The object of pupillage is to give an opportunity to the pupil to gain some acquaintance with the work of an advocate and solicitor before commencing practice.

How do I apply for BM exemption?

Pupils who have obtained at least a Credit in BM in SPM or any equivalent examination are to apply for a BM Exemption Certificate from the Legal Profession Qualifying Board (“LPQB”). The application is to be made online via e-lpqb (

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What does Pupillage mean in law?

Pupillage is the final stage of training to be a barrister. During this time, you put into practice everything you have learnt so far. … Pupillage usually takes one year to complete, with the year divided into two six-month periods, known as ‘sixes’.