How can I import food from Thailand?

What can I import from Thailand?

Top 10

  • Electrical machinery, equipment: US$43.5 billion (20.8% of total imports)
  • Mineral fuels including oil: $28.8 billion (13.8%)
  • Machinery including computers: $26 billion (12.5%)
  • Vehicles: $9.5 billion (4.6%)
  • Iron, steel: $9.3 billion (4.5%)
  • Plastics, plastic articles: $8.6 billion (4.1%)

How can I import food from Thailand to USA?

Importing Food into the United States: A Step by Step Guide

  1. Register Your Facility with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. …
  2. Designate a U.S. Food Agent to handle your U.S. Communications. …
  3. Obtain all Required Permits. …
  4. Understand the FDA Requirements for Your Food Product. …
  5. Make Sure Your Product is Labeled Appropriately.

What can I export from Thailand?

Searchable List of Thailand’s Most Valuable Export Products

Rank Thai Export Product 2020 Value (US$)
1 Gold (unwrought) $13,202,753,000
2 Computers, optical readers $11,692,037,000
3 Cars $8,221,905,000
4 Integrated circuits/microassemblies $7,101,079,000

What food is Thailand the number one importer of?

For the past 10 years, Thailand has been America’s largest supplier of shrimp and its fourth largest global supplier of fish and seafood. Thai prepared fish and meat rank first among all Thai food exports to the United States, which imports more of these products from Thailand than from any other trading partner.

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What Thailand import the most?

Thailand’s Top Imports

  • Crude petroleum – $23.7 billion.
  • Gold – $7.94 billion.
  • Petroleum gas – $6.96 billion.
  • Refined petroleum – $4.94 billion.
  • Refined copper – $2.57 billion.

What is Thailand’s biggest import?

Imports The top imports of Thailand are Crude Petroleum ($18.3B), Integrated Circuits ($8.5B), Petroleum Gas ($7.09B), Vehicle Parts ($6.15B), and Gold ($5.12B), importing mostly from China ($45.7B), Japan ($28.9B), United States ($13.7B), Malaysia ($13B), and Singapore ($9.03B).

What food does the US import from Thailand?

Leading categories include: rice ($644 million), processed fruit & vegetables ($476 million), rubber & allied products ($352 million), fruit & vegetable juices ($154 million), and tree nuts ($108 million).

Do you need FDA approval to import food?

Importers can import foods into the United States without prior sanction by FDA, as long as the facilities that produce, store, or otherwise handle the products are registered with FDA, and prior notice of incoming shipments is provided to FDA.

How do I import drinks into us?

What you need to know about importing alcohol into the United States

  1. Get your permits. …
  2. Obtain a COLA for each product. …
  3. Prepare funds for taxes and duties. …
  4. Find out if you need a Certificate of Age and Origin. …
  5. Provide prior notice to the FDA. …
  6. Prepare your paperwork for customs. …
  7. Make a plan for transloading.

What product is Thailand famous for?

Here’s a list of 18 Souvenirs to Buy from Thailand:

  • Thai Silk.
  • Thai spices.
  • Thai Spa Products.
  • Soap Carvings.
  • Handmade Bags.
  • Thai handicraft.
  • Thai Snacks.
  • Thai Trinkets.
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What does Thailand export to Malaysia?

Cereal, flour, starch, milk preparations and products. $186.49M. 2020. Articles of iron or steel. $154.70M.