Frequent question: Where can you eat Bun Cha in Hanoi?

Is Bun Cha served cold?

It is basically a cold noodle soup with pork. You’ll be served by a plate of rice noodles, fresh herbs, and a bowl of cold broth with grilled pork. The rice noodles and fresh herbs are pretty common in a Vietnamese restaurant.

Is Vietnamese Bun Cha healthy?

It was also wildly inexpensive, coming it at just under $3 for both of us to eat lunch. Now, there are a lot of things about this that are incredibly healthy, but a few that are decidedly not healthy which can easily be adapted at home to make the meal both healthy and unbelievably good and simple.

Is bun served hot?

And there you have it: bun bo xao, a warm, made-to-order Vietnamese noodle salad, refreshing and satisfying for an easy lunch or supper. For the uninitiated, this dish makes an easy introduction to Vietnamese cooking.

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