Does Singapore MRT go to airport?

Which terminal is MRT at Changi Airport?

The Changi Airport MRT Station is located at the basement of Terminals 2 and 3. It is accessible from the Arrival and Departure Halls of these two terminals and there are escalators and lifts to connect you to the station entrance.

How do I get from Terminal 4 to MRT?

Passengers connecting from Changi Airport MRT Station can take Free Shuttle Bus from Terminal 3 Departure Hall (Door 8) to Terminal 4. Similarly, passengers from Terminal 4 who wish to connect to the MRT Station may take the shuttle service to Terminal 2.

What time does Singapore MRT start in the morning?

Train Operation Hours and Frequency

5.30am to around midnight daily. Operating hours are usually extended during festive periods.

How can I go to an airport?


  1. Check-in for your flight.
  2. Hand over any luggage that would need to go into the aircraft hold, if you are travelling with luggage.
  3. Pass through the airport security gates to the departures hall.
  4. Find your boarding gate.
  5. Board the plane and fly to your destination.

How do I get from Singapore airport to the city?

To get to the city, take the train from Changi Airport MRT Station (CG2) to Tanah Merah MRT Station (EW4), then transfer to the East West Line towards Tuas Link MRT Station (EW33).

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Is the MRT in Singapore 24 hours?

SINGAPORE – MRT train services will run for 24 hours on Wednesday, so the public can travel to Parliament House to pay their last respects to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Which terminal is Jewel Changi?

Jewel Changi Airport is only accessible via Terminal 2.

How do I get from Terminal 3 to Terminal 4?

Terminal 4 to Terminal 3

  1. Take an elevator or escalator to Level 3 and walk toward the center of the Terminal.
  2. Take the PHX Sky Train® to Terminal 3.
  3. If you are connecting to West Economy Parking, locate elevator to West Economy Parking at the end of the platform.